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Ohio Right of Way Clearing and Pipeline Mowing

Right of Way clearing is the process of removing trees and brush from the right of way, or the path where utilities run. This is an ongoing process and is critically important when it comes to protecting the integrity of pipelines and other utilities. Any vegetation, such as trees, brush, and roots, poses a threat to the utilities. Such vegetation will need to be removed and maintained as to not come into contact with conductors or pipelines. Failure to properly control vegetation could result in pipe corrosion and utility disruption. Right of way clearing is a highly specialized skill and requires heavy duty mulching equipment.

Ohio’s Top Choice for Right of Way Clearing

When it comes time to team up with a right of way clearing company, it pays to go with experience. Partnering with experienced personnel ensures that the project is running smoothly with no added costs or injuries. At ROW Services, we are recognized as a leading right of way clearing company operating in Ohio and the surrounding areas. Throughout the years, we have provided our right of way clearing services to a wide range of industries, from oil and gas to electric. We have extensive experience in all terrains and we are equipped with the following:

  • (5) Tractors with mowers
  • (4) Bobcats with mowers
  • (2) Excavators with mowers
  • Bobcats with mulcher
  • Many trucks and trailers with GPS tracking

We have developed a clearing process that represents the most efficient and accurate method of vegetation removal. Generally, we clear a path at least 30 feet wide, though this varies depending on the utility companies agreements.

If you are interested in learning more about our right of way clearing services, then we encourage you to get in contact with us. As a leading right of way clearing company, we are more than happy to provide you with additional information or answer any questions that you may have.